Total Ankle Replacement

The QUANTUM® Total Ankle System is designed to address the complexity of TAR and allow reproducible outcomes for everysurgeon.

Simplified Patient Specific Tools:

  • Software designed to provide complete visualization during case pre-planning
  • Reconstruction and planning using CT scan and weight-bearing X-rays
  • 3D printed, custom tibial and talar cutting and drilling guides
  • Surgeon has full control of implant placement prior to case validation
  • Current US Users: Click here to access the planning portal.

Intuitive Instrumentation:

  • Two single-level trays for manually instrumented procedure
  • Streamlined procedure and tray design reduces the dependency on specialists

Tibial Components:

  • Curved medial profile  and lateral fibular contour 
  • Unique cross-shaped keel for rotational stability and direct axial loading
  • Side-specific, Standard and Long versions, in sizes 2 through 6, to cater to patient anatomy
  • Designed to rest on the cortical rim
  • Titanium alloy with titanium porous coating

Tibial Inserts:

  • Side-specific implants for sizes 2 through 6, in 8 thicknesses (5-15mm)
  • Dovetail locking feature
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Talar Components:

  • Side-specific, Standard and Flat-Cut varieties, in sizes 2 through 6
  • Double radius of curvature, and tronconic shape, designed to replicate healthy ankle kinematics
  • CoCr with titanium porous coating